Mobile dock boards


Variable  aluminum  mobile dock boards  ensure  versatility and easy  applications, because it’s not necessary any permanent installations at the loading dock ; the oustanding features  are lightweight, high load capacitity till 4000 Kg, flat and cross groove surface that guaranty  a safety grip and movable manually by an operator,  thanks to its lightweight construction  aluminium made ​​ and the presence of side handles.
These platforms allow you to overcome uneven both positive and negative between  trucks of  and the docks loading / unloading and are extremely lightweight, robust and weatherproof.
This rang of dock boards can be cross by manual or electric transpallet , trolleys, hand trucks even with forklift.
These dock boards are equipped  by side handles and with a central stop flange that ensure precise and safe docking.
Dock boards should not be used at angles of more than 12.5%.
Load Capacity from 2.900 to 4.000 kg
Length from 600 to 1.500 mm
Width from 1.250 to 2.000 mm


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