Aluminium Pedestrian Bridges


CLM produces aluminium bridges that are used mainly on construction sites, as safety equipment for passage over diggings and over gaps of all kinds (e.g. links between scaffolding structures, between buildings, etc…).
They all have stow away or removable handrails.
CLM bridges comply with Italian Presidential Decree n.164, since they have a 1 metre high parapet with midway rail and 20 cm high foot-barrier.

Common features of all bridges:
- Non slip surface
- Wheel-chair-friendly flush fitting ends without steps
- 200 mm high wheel- chair- friendly-barriers
- 1.000 mm high stow-away handrails
- 4 holes for fixing the base to the ground
- Special sizes available on request

Load Capacity from 400 to 5.500 kg
Length from 1.000 to 6.000 mm
Width from 600 to 1.250 mm



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